WTT 2019 Summary

First of all, man thanks to the volunteers who make this event happen. There were 16 WTT events this year and here are the volunteers along with the number of nights that they volunteered:

Morley Dore (14), Jim Glover (13), Nicolas Dery (12) Pedro Ibarra (6), Barbara Wilson (5), Prapti Jensen (4), Jean Cooper (3), John Cooper (2), Hasmig Adjeleian (1), Anna Delaney (1), Dianne Marleau (1), Kevin Wilson (1), Celia McInnis (16).

Not counting the WTT Invitational, there were 98 WTT time trials ridden in 2019 by 22 different women. The ages of the participants ranged from 14 to 74, and speeds from 24.828km/h to 41.925km/h. As always, we faced a range of weather conditions - rain, sunshine, temperatures from 8°C (with rain) to 30°C, winds from negligible to 45km/h and air pressures 100.7kPa to 102.3kPa. Participation was down this year, and we're hoping that we can generate more interest next year. Please encourage women you know to come out and ride the WTT events next year. Time Trials are great for building up fitness, and the wonderful thing about them is that women of any age or fitness level on any type of bicycle can participate in and enjoy the same race. It's really just you against the clock, with perhaps some extra fun competing with others who are of a similar speed.

Rode At Least 5 WTT Events in 2019

Ranking 5 or More Category Ranking 5 or More Graph of Best 5 Graph of 5 or more Graph of All WTT partiipants
  1. Linda Boisvenue:
  2. Margaret King:
  3. Kory McDonald Ibarra:
  4. Dianne Marleau:
  5. Erika Revesz:
  6. Celia McInnis:
  7. Christa Ramonat:
  8. Alexandra Bouchard:
  9. Karen Byskov:

Rode Exactly 4 WTT Events in 2019

Rode Exactly 3 WTT Events in 2019